July 24, 2024
University of Kansas Health System New App Available for 24/7 Orthopedic Care

University of Kansas Health System New App Available for 24/7 Orthopedic Care

Injuries don’t always conveniently coincide with physician office hours. For patients in the greater Kansas City area who are suddenly faced with an afterhours sprain, bruise, ache or pain from a sports injury or fall, prompt medical attention is now just a click away — any time of day or night. 

The University of Kansas Health System has partnered with HURT!, a mobile application people can access afterhours to get free injury assessment from orthopedic specialists. 

Once the app is downloaded to a mobile phone on iOS or Android and after registering, a patient can send photos, videos and messages to a HURT! orthopedic specialist and get an expert’s response within minutes. 

The specialist may recommend appropriate follow-up care with a network partner, a walk-in care location or an ER in an urgent situation. 

No medical advice or treatment is given using the HURT! app. The consulting specialist can assess the severity of an injury, navigate the best option or book a follow-up with a nearby qualified specialist. 

Information the caller shares in the app will not appear in their medical records. The HURT! system can also deal with injuries from minor motor vehicle accidents that do not require an ambulance, tears or pops in the shoulder, elbow or wrist that occur during regular daily movement, and pain and swelling around the knee or ankle after twisting, stepping wrong or falling. 

The HURT! app is available by visiting PoweredByHurt.com/KansasHealthSystem. 

If you experience a fracture, dislocation, sprain or strain during these times, walk in and see an orthopedic expert — no need to make an appointment or use the HURT! app.


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