July 24, 2024
 million for research to improve primary care and chronic pain treatment and to better understand long COVID

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At least one in 5 Australians aged 45 and over lives with chronic and ongoing pain. This can take an enormous physical and emotional toll on them, their families and loved ones.

Nine projects sharing $19.6 million from the MRFF’s Primary Health Care Research initiative will focus on the benefits of multidisciplinary care, telehealth and preventive health to improve ongoing health conditions. The projects will target better health care and support for people in rural, regional and remote communities.

Read the media release for more information.

Twelve projects will receive $14.5 million to improve our understanding of the impacts of long COVID on individuals, the community and the health care system. Funding is from the MRFF’s Emerging Priorities and Consumer-Driven Research initiative. This funding is part of the government’s $50 million commitment to improve outcomes for people living with long COVID.

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