June 21, 2024
Top Doctors to Watch In 2024

In a world where the medical and health landscape is constantly evolving, staying informed about the top professionals in the field is more important than ever. As we step into 2024, there are a few standout doctors whose innovative approaches and groundbreaking work are reshaping their respective specialties. These medical pioneers are not just excelling in their fields; they are redefining what it means to be a healthcare provider in the modern world. Their unique blend of expertise, compassion, and forward-thinking has set them apart, making them doctors to watch this year. 

This article highlights the top five doctors making significant strides in 2024. Each has a unique story, a distinct approach to medicine, and a shared commitment to excellence. From groundbreaking surgical techniques to innovative treatment methods, these doctors are at the forefront of their fields. They are not just treating patients; they are changing lives by integrating the latest technology with a patient-centered approach. Read on to discover who these medical trailblazers are and how they are making a difference in the healthcare industry. 

Dr. Yasmine Saad 

Top Doctors to Watch In 2024

Dr. Yasmine Saad, a trailblazer in the field of psychology and the Founder and CEO of Madison Park Psychological Services, has garnered recognition as one of the top psychologists in New York City. Her journey, originating from the prestigious corridors of the University of Paris and Adelphi University’s Derner Institute, has led her to become a two-time international best-selling author and a respected voice in the realms of psychology and personal development. Dr. Saad’s innovative Inner Message Approach™, praised for its efficiency and depth, has revolutionized the therapeutic process, melding Eastern wisdom with Western therapeutic techniques. 

At Madison Park Psychological Services, Dr. Saad leads a team of elite psychologists, handpicked for their expertise and alignment with her holistic approach. Her pioneering work has not only earned her accolades like the Top 3 Psychologists in New York City by Three Best Rated but also the respect and admiration of her peers and clients alike. Her philosophy extends beyond traditional therapy, focusing on rapid yet profound healing and personal growth. This unique blend of Eastern and Western modalities underlines Dr. Saad’s commitment to providing care that is both comprehensive and deeply transformative. 

Beyond her clinical practice, Dr. Saad is a sought-after speaker and media personality, regularly sharing her expertise on various platforms. Her vision for the future is to expand the reach of her Inner Message Approach™, impacting lives globally through her TV show, podcast, and the growth of Madison Park Psychological Services. Dr. Saad’s dedication to mental health and well-being is unwavering, as she continues to guide individuals towards a life of balance, resilience, and fulfillment. 

To explore Dr. Yasmine Saad’s transformative work or to connect with her, visit her websites at Madison Park Psychological Services and Dr. Yasmine Saad, or follow her journey on Instagram @Dr.yasminesaad, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

Dr. Joshua Baker 

Dr. Joshua Baker by Dr. Joshua Baker

From humble beginnings in rural East Texas, Dr. Joshua Baker took a life-altering journey that included attending the University of Texas at Houston Medical School to becoming the Founder and CEO of The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics in Dallas, TX. His pivot into cosmetic surgery was sparked during his medical school years when he witnessed the transformative power of reconstructive surgery. “I realized that a scalpel could change lives, not just appearances,” says Dr. Baker. This realization carved a path for his further education and solidified his dedication to cosmetic surgery. 

What sets Dr. Baker’s practice apart is his overarching vision for his brand: a nationwide network of offices built on the pillars of integrity, accountability, and excellence. His innovative QuantumBody™ procedures have won him accolades and a cult following. The brand has already marked its fifth year in business, a milestone Dr. Baker attributes to tireless dedication and an unyielding commitment to providing superior care. “We’ve built a loyal patient base simply because we refuse to compromise on quality,” he explains. 

While Dr. Baker could focus solely on his beautiful results, his philosophy centers around patient needs. “There are entrepreneurs in medicine who prioritize billing over healing,” Dr. Baker observes. “I built The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics because I wanted a practice where patient care comes first, even if it means a different provider is better suited to their needs.” 

For anyone considering stepping into the medical field, Dr. Baker offers a kernel of wisdom: “Be a sponge. Absorb every lesson, good or bad, and never stop pushing your boundaries.” To discover more about Dr. Joshua Baker and his transformative practice, you can follow him on Instagram @drquantumbody for surgical content and @theretreataesthetics for non-invasive procedures. Check out their website at theretreataesthetics.com for a deeper dive into how they’re changing lives, one procedure at a time. 

Dr. Edwin Kwon, MD, FACS 

Dr. Edwin Kwon by Dr. Edwin Kwon

Dr. Edwin Kwon, MD, FACS is the board certified plastic surgeon behind Edwin Kwon Plastic Surgery, a boutique practice out of Beverly Hills and Newport beach that attracts patients from around the world seeking innovative and personalized care. Dr. Kwon is renowned for his expertise in DCF Rhinoplasty, using custom biologic tissue implants over silicone to create a nasal profile tailored to the individual. He has also pioneered techniques in Scarless Breast Augmentation, Buccal Fat Removal, sensation-preserving Wedge Labiaplasty, and various body-contouring procedures. 

Dr. Kwon’s practice is distinguished not only by its exceptional offerings but also by Dr. Kwon’s aesthetic philosophy, which emphasizes quality over quantity. With over a decade of experience in the competitive Los Angeles plastic surgery landscape, Dr. Kwon has honed a patient-centric approach. His goal is to ensure each patient receives care that meets their individual needs, natural-looking results, and support throughout. 

This dedication to excellence and patient care is reflected in the steady and often word-of-mouth driven growth his practice has seen since expanding to Newport Beach in 2020. Rather than be popular for promoting trends or as a social media star, Dr. Kwon prefers to be sought after for his expertise and the experience he and his team provide, “While I appreciate the importance of spending time on social media and the growth many physicians experience that way, I am much more invested in the well-being of my patients,” he says. This relentless commitment to patient care is underpinned by skill and a passion for delivering transformative results that enhance both appearance and confidence. 

Dr. Kwon has also achieved significant recognition in the field. He has been awarded the SuperDoctors Rising Star in 2022 and 2023, a prestigious acknowledgement for surgeons in Southern California. Additionally, he has been named among the Top-Performing RealSelf Doctors in 2022. His work and insights have been featured in widely known publications like Business Insider, Realself News, The American Journal of Surgery, and more,  further reinforcing his status as a leader in plastic surgery. 

To learn more about Dr. Edwin Kwon’s work, his commitment to excellence and enduring results, and to connect with him, visit his website at edwinkwon.com or follow him on Instagram @edwinkwonmd.  

Dr. Rami Al Bahri 

Dr. Rami Albahri by Dr. Rami Albahri

Dr. Rami Albahri, an Ivy-League trained Board-Certified Prosthodontist and Implant Reconstructive Surgeon, holds an impressive international licensure spanning the U.S., Canada, and the UAE. Specializing in dental prosthetics, cosmetics, facial esthetics, and full-mouth rehabilitation, he combines a meticulous approach to dental care with a passion for facial esthetics and transformative implant surgery. Dr. Albahri’s academic journey is as notable as his professional one, with a DDS from New York University and a dual post doctorate degrees from Harvard University. His accolades include the “Best of the Best Award, Excellence in Prosthodontics” in the United States and numerous contributions to peer-reviewed journals. 

At the helm of Albahri Dental and Orthodontic Center in the UAE, Dr. Albahri operates two multi-specialty dental practices that stand out for their emphasis on public health, education, and advanced facilities. Diverging from the trend of commercialized dentistry, his centers focus on providing high-quality care and hosting educational courses for dental and medical colleagues. Dr. Rami has been passionate about helping people but more specifically the less fortunate, where once a year Dr. Albahri covers a full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation pro-bono in his practice. 

Dr. Albahri envisions his brand growing significantly in the next 2-5 years. The goal is to dominate the dental care and education market in the region, with plans to establish similar institutions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Boston, Massachusetts. His vision is anchored in delivering unparalleled quality of care and service, supported by his extensive experience and qualifications as a clinician, researcher, and international lecturer. 

To explore the exceptional services offered by Dr. Rami Albahri and Albahri Dental and Orthodontic Center, or to gain insights into his clinical, research, and educational work, please visit their official website. Dr. Albahri’s journey is a testament to the power of combining innovative dental care with a commitment to education and community well-being. 

Dr. Elly Pourasef 

Dr. Elly Pourasef by Dr. Elly Pourasef

Dr. Elly Pourasef, an acclaimed audiologist and President of Memorial Hearing in Houston, Texas, is a trailblazer in her field, known for redefining the audiology experience. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Elly Pourasef’s passion for audiology was a defining moment in her professional journey. This passion led to her founding Memorial Hearing, where she combines innovative practices with a deep commitment to patient care. The clinic’s unique approach, especially in earwax removal using the Earigator machine, has garnered international attention and virality on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. 

At Memorial Hearing, Dr. Elly Pourasef and her team offer a comprehensive suite of audiological services. These range from hearing assessments and fitting of hearing aids to addressing conditions like tinnitus and misophonia. Dr. Elly Pourasef also emphasizes the importance of cognitive screenings, recognizing the link between hearing loss and cognitive health. This holistic approach underscores her commitment to not just treating hearing issues but enhancing overall quality of life for her patients. 

In her role as an entrepreneur, Dr. Elly Pourasef exemplifies leadership through example. She fosters a supportive and inclusive work environment, emphasizing staff appreciation, fair compensation, and open communication. Her transition to focusing more on business growth demonstrates her commitment to continual evolution and excellence. Looking ahead, Dr. Elly Pourasef aims to expand Memorial Hearing’s services, including adding new diagnostic capabilities, with the goal of making it the premier audiology practice in the greater Houston area. 

Dr. Elly Pourasef’s journey from a dedicated student to a visionary entrepreneur and leader in audiology is not just a testament to her expertise but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her advice stresses the importance of an inherent entrepreneurial spirit, risk-taking, and striving for excellence. To connect with Dr. Elly Pourasef and learn more about her pioneering work in audiology, follow Memorial Hearing on Instagram and TikTok or contact them at [email protected] or 713-984-7562. 

This article is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider. 

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