June 20, 2024
FSU Nursing faculty named Fellow of the Society of Behavioral Medicine for work bridging gap between behavioral and biomedical research
FSU Nursing faculty named Fellow of the Society of Behavioral Medicine for work bridging gap between behavioral and biomedical research
Professor of Nursing Henna Budhwani has been named a fellow of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.

The Society of Behavioral Medicine has recognized FSU Nursing Professor Henna Budhwani as a fellow in honor of her work forging critical links between behavioral and biomedical research, paving the way for advancements in health care and improved patient well-being.

“Being recognized by SBM is incredibly humbling,” Budhwani said. “This honor fuels my commitment for addressing health disparities in domestic and global settings via structural and sociobehavioral interventions. Being named an SBM Fellow is not only an honor for me but also for the university and our College of Nursing where lifesaving research is ongoing.”

Budhwani joined the College of Nursing in 2022 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and is part of the FSU Institute on Digital Health Innovation. She is an expert on behavioral interventions that can help improve health outcomes and has received a significant amount in funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Established in 1978, the SBM Fellowship represents the pinnacle of achievement in the field. Fellows are recognized for their pioneering research, impactful clinical practice, and unwavering commitment to advocacy.

“Dr. Budhwani’s election to SBM Fellowship is a testament to her unwavering dedication to advancing the science and practice of behavioral medicine,” said Director of the Institute on Digital Health and Innovation (IDHI) Lisa B. Hightow-Weidman, “Her impactful research and commitment to mentoring future health care professionals are shaping the field, inspiring them to consider the intricate interplay between behavior, health, and well-being.”

As a faculty member within IDHI, Budhwani plays a crucial role in advancing the institute’s mission: to solve real-world needs through research, training, and innovation in digital health science, technologies, and tools. This aligns seamlessly with Budhwani’s own expertise in addressing the behavioral and structural factors that influence health and well-being, particularly among stigmatized individuals living in resource-constrained settings. Her research delves into areas like HIV prevention, maternal health, mental health and suicide, implementation science, and the development of culturally tailored mobile health and digital health interventions.

“Dr. Budhwani’s fellowship shines a light on the groundbreaking work happening at the FSU CON,” adds CON Dean and Professor Jing Wang. “We are boldly rising to become a leading hub for innovative research, evidence-based interventions, and compassionate care. Dr. Budhwani’s groundbreaking work paves the way for achieving the ambitious goals outlined in our Strategic Plan, further propelling the College toward becoming a beacon of innovation in health care.”

Budhwani will be recognized at the March 2024 SBM Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia, Pa.

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