July 16, 2024
11 Healthcare Business Ideas for Startups and Entrepreneurs

The healthcare sector is growing exponentially and is anticipated to reach the trillion-dollar threshold soon. According to Grand View Research, the global smart healthcare market was valued at $144.9 billion in 2022 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 11.3% from 2023 to 2030.

With the aftereffect of the global pandemic and rising public awareness about health issues, the healthcare sector is emerging as one of the most lucrative industries in the world. In addition, with a report from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services indicating that the annual growth in national health spending in the US will amount to $6.8 trillion by 2030, the moment is now to explore healthcare business ideas and establish a successful startup.

In case you are looking for a lucrative medical startup idea to tap into the growing market potential, here is a comprehensive guide on the top 12 healthcare startup business models that will help you narrow down the direction you should walk. Let’s dive in.

11 Healthcare Business Ideas for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Top 11 Healthcare Business Ideas for Startups with Real-World Examples

As a startup founder, ensuring that your company will be successful and profitable is your primary concern. Finding lucrative healthcare business ideas in 2023 that correspond to the needs of patients and address their issues can be a surefire strategy to capitalize on the health industry.

There are numerous business prospects for an aspiring entrepreneur looking to launch a medical venture or a healthcare mobile app, including medical billing services, medical transcription services, medical records management, etc. Let us explore the top 11 medical field business ideas you could consider.

Top 11 Healthcare Business Ideas for Startups with Real World Examples

1. Online Pharmacy

In the era of rapid digital advancement, the convenience of online shopping is garnering widespread attention, and healthcare is no exception. Therefore, exploring innovative ideas for the healthcare business like online pharmacy can be an extremely promising prospect in the current epoch.

An online pharmacy that offers a seamless ordering process for prescribed medications and over-the-counter products can be a game-changer. Coupled with the power of AI-driven reminders for medication schedules and virtual consultations, ePharmacies can bridge the gap between patients and professionals, ensuring the accessible and timely delivery of medicines, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical services.

PharmEasy, an online pharmacy, has set a benchmark for accessible healthcare by offering online delivery of prescription medications, an extensive range of over-the-counter products, and virtual pharmacist consultations.

2. VR and Metaverse Apps for Mental Health

In today’s fast-paced and stress-filled scenario, mental health is garnering global attention. Thus, building a mental health app using metaverse and VR can be one of the most profitable healthcare business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs. A VR and metaverse app, Innerworld, enables users to access peer-led mental health support as anonymous avatars.

Even if the efficacy of Innerworld is still being studied, so far, most therapeutic uses of VR have centered on conditions like arachnophobia, claustrophobia, anxiety, sleep disturbances, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Amelia, formerly Psious VR, is a Virtual Reality software that leverages this next-gen technology for mental therapy. Amelia leverages VR to provide immersive treatment for individuals dealing with various anxiety disorders, phobias, and stress-related conditions.

3. Medical Records Administration

Hospitals have to deal with too many records and documents on a daily basis to manage their operational processes. And medical care facilities often struggle to handle their medical records effectively, whether small clinics or large hospitals. Therefore, you can explore a medical business idea to manage medical records. You can take two approaches to remove their barriers:

  • Developing an electronic health record (EHR) system for maintaining medical inventory and training medical personnel on how to operate it.
  • Starting a records management (digital preservation) business, offering services to global clinics and medical professionals.

You may even go one step further and assist patients in finding their physicians by developing an Electronic medical records (EMR) system. The level of care services will improve if records are managed properly.

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Particle Health is a recent health tech startup that offers a web-based platform where users may keep their health and medical information. Through the platform, the users can manage and access the records and share them with healthcare professionals.

Similarly, Health-e-People, is an application that our team created for users to save and track all the data from their mobile, discover medical carers for their friends and family, and interact with others who are creating a network within the global healthcare industry.

Health-e-People application

4. Telehealth Apps

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and created an age of global lockdown, telehealth services have become the new normal. Now, while many medical units have returned to seeing patients in person, a huge part of the US population continues to use telehealth services. It is where telehealth software solutions emerge as one of the most lucrative digital healthcare startup ideas.

You can build a comprehensive telehealth solution for hospitals and medical professionals to monitor, diagnose and treat patients virtually via electronic information and telecommunications technologies. A medical software solution or application that enables caregivers and patients to ease and enhance their healthcare experiences is always welcome in the market and has a wider scope to gain momentous traction in the future.

Medical App

Teladoc, a multifunctional platform, is a good example of a telehealth solution that focuses on treating non-emergency situations, such as pink eye, sinus, flu, infections, and other health issues. The platform has more than 3000 healthcare professionals offering medical services.

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5. Drug Rehabilitation Facility

Today, there is a narcotic plague in society – drug addiction. Drug use in our community has risen to the level of a national catastrophe. According to the UNODC World Drug Report, there will be an 11% hike in the number of people who will use drugs globally by 2030. It presents a greater need than ever to establish reputable drug rehabilitation facilities where the sufferers can receive therapy for their addictions and restore the quality of their lives.

Thus, opening a drug rehab facility can be a great medical business idea that would address the needs of society and benefit everyone, much like the idea of home care. You can implement solutions to support folks battling with drug and alcohol abuse helping them achieve sobriety.

To assist individuals with drug addiction, you can focus on particular patient populations, such as young children or older adults. It might be an inclusive business concept if you have access to significant monetary resources and wish to benefit the wider populace. For the successful operation of your facility, you may consider developing some technology-advanced solutions to track and monitor patients’ progress and provide personalized care. Alternatively, you can develop an AI healthcare startup or software to provide remote care to pre-existing rehab facilities.

For instance, inRecovery is a comprehensive platform for drug treatment. By using inRecovery’s addiction recovery platform, treatment facilities can care for their patients without adding a burden on qualified resources. The inRecovery team helps treatment centers give a more engaging and individualized experience. By recognizing and rewarding desired behavior and emphasizing small daily accomplishments toward long-term improvement, they help patients feel empowered.

6. Nurturing Health Awareness

Nowadays, users such as medical professionals, health coaches, physicians, and dieticians are interested in learning about the medical system more than ever. They desire an understanding of their situation far more than a solution. Understanding medical technology is challenging. It is hard for those who have not attended med school to know how complex and difficult their situation is.

Therefore, building a website or application with health information and starting a blog to create health awareness can also be added to the list of best healthcare business ideas. You can expand your horizons by crafting an AI language model like ChatGPT that will propel your medical blogging business to greater heights.

To monetize your blogging website, you can create awareness through social media platforms, display ads, post commercials, go for sponsorships, affiliate with big brands, and/or opt for other monetization strategies to establish a million-dollar business.

A prime example of this medical startup idea is WebMD, which serves as a beacon of accurate and current medical information, satisfying the need of curious individuals with reliable health information and updates.

7. Alternative Medical Services

Some alternative healthcare startup ideas that are growing in popularity are homeopathy, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Many individuals are adopting these offerings either as a quality improvement idea in primary care or as a supplement to more conventional medical care.

According to Grand View Research, the market for complementary and alternative medicine is projected to develop at a compound annual growth rate of 22.03% from 2021 to 2028. People are more inclined than ever to pay for these types of therapies even when healthcare policies do not reimburse them.

Canada Complementary and Alternative Medical Market

Businesses that offer alternative healthcare to patients offer them chiropractic medicine, magnetic field therapy, acupuncture, and energy therapies. If you have the knowledge and credentials to operate in one or more of these fields, you might establish your own independent company. You can also employ experts to work at a center or provide mobile services if you desire to establish a bigger business.

Allen Laboratories Ltd is an alternative medicine company. It is the leading manufacturer and distributor of global alternative health, naturopathic, and homeopathic medications and is widely popular.

8. Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is one of the most profitable healthcare startup ideas. Medical tourism services. It can help individuals who need to travel across national and international borders for medical treatment. Entrepreneurs should research and find high-quality medical facilities in different nations and build partnerships to offer global healthcare services at subsidized rates to succeed in this medical startup idea.

Medical tourism apps such as TravelDoc, GetTreated, GapDoc, Medigo, and GloboMD are some of the most prominent names working toward medical tourism.

9. Surgical Scrubs and Uniforms

Scrubs, robes, shoes, and other medical uniforms are an intangible part of the healthcare industry. Medical professionals who wear scrubs or any such uniforms always look for comfortable and stylish options, which are not easy to find. Hence, selling medical professionals’ uniforms could be a unique approach to delve into the healthcare sector while also serving those who serve us.

You can start an online store and create an inventory of stylish scrubs, shoes, lab coats, and other gear for medical professionals. You can design the goods yourself or source them from different places. The fabric can be strengthened and made less abrasive.

Surgical Scrubs and Uniforms

FIGS, an American clothing company, makes scrubs and other medical gear with a strong focus on aesthetics, fabric, material, composition, and comfort for medical professionals. So, when a doctor reports to work, they have the choice of wearing scrubs and uniforms.

10. Home Healthcare Facility

A home healthcare facility is one of the great online medical business ideas. It offers in-home medical assistance to patients recently discharged from a hospital, struggling with chronic medical conditions or requiring help maintaining their wellbeing.

It may be advantageous to the entire community where the population is rapidly aging and require support to manage the hardships of aging. Therefore, pursuing the field of home healthcare can be a great move.

Home health coverage

HCAH, a leading out-of-hospital care partner, provides in-home care from medical specialists like nursing staff, therapists, lab techs, and chemists. Services include post-op and senior care, in-home hospital care, and physical therapy treatment.

11. Medical Transcription

Healthcare transcriptionists play a critical role in converting voice messages from physicians and medical practitioners for patient records. With evolving technology, you can consider developing an AI voice generator app like Speechify. building an AI voice generator app will add a new dimension to the transcription landscape, offering greater accuracy and convenience. Work remotely, set your schedule, and be part of the digital revolution in healthcare documentation.

Kickstart your digital health startup journey

Expand Your Healthcare Business Ideas with Appinventiv

As the medical field continues to expand, now is the best opportunity for passionate entrepreneurs to explore various startup ideas in healthcare and choose a viable business model. However, before you choose your healthcare niche business ideas, be certain to conduct a thorough market analysis and research the statutes, permits, expert training standards, and other essential credentials.

Irrespective of the online healthcare business ideas you choose, don’t hesitate to hire healthcare software development services from a trusted tech partner like Appinventiv. Being an ISO-certified leading IT consulting services company, we have a proven track record of creating 250+ custom healthcare solutions for our global clients, helping them raise 300M+ funding.

Whether you need a new application to set up your medical startup idea or want to upgrade the existing one, our experts can help you convert your vision into reality.

For instance, we built an innovative digital platform, Soniphi, that utilizes frequency-based personal wellness technology. By harnessing vocal data, it creates detailed well-being analysis reports, providing profound insights into patients’ health and vitality.

Shifacare healthcare platform

Our experts have created another healthcare platform, Shifacare that allows users to interact with an endless number of highly skilled healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients from anywhere around the globe.

If you have any similar healthcare business ideas and want to establish a successful business, contact us now.


Q. How to start a healthcare startup?

A. The percentage of patients with chronic and degenerative ailments is on the rise, and the current medical infrastructure is insufficient to cater to these increasing illness needs. Being a passionate entrepreneur, you can seize the opportunity presented by this problem and explore startup ideas in healthcare.

When setting up a startup in the health industry, you need to consider a few specifics, such as finding the proper collaborators, knowing the industry regulations, and researching the target audience. In addition, you should be conscious of the standards in order to launch a successful startup. Finally, you need to partner with a trusted technology company to develop healthcare solutions.

Q. What are some promising healthcare startup ideas?

A. There are many promising business ideas in the healthcare industry. You can open a small venture, a moderate firm, or a large business in the healthcare sector by following one of the many healthcare business ideas, such as medical business services, online pharmacies, healthcare record management, transcribing services, mobile apps, and much more. Please, refer to the above article for more details.

Q. How can I grow my healthcare business?

A. If you are a medical startup looking forward to building your brand and bringing in potential customers, here are five simple, low-cost, and best future business ideas for healthcare.

Step 1: Develop your reputation through ratings and reviews.

Step 2: Build your online presence through social media.

Step 3: Leverage an emerging technology like blockchain, IoT, or AI in healthcare.

Step 4: Produce compelling SEO content.

Step 5: Meet requirements and resolve challenging issues.


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