June 16, 2024
RMC Health System to Integrate Anniston’s Stringfellow Campus for Enhanced Patient Care

Anniston, AL – In a bid to elevate healthcare services and streamline operations, the RMC Health System has unveiled plans to deepen the integration of its two prominent facilities, Stringfellow and RMC Hospital. This strategic initiative aims to revolutionize healthcare delivery, ensuring optimal patient care and addressing the evolving needs of communities in northeast Alabama.

Louis Bass, President and CEO of RMC Health System, emphasized the patient-centric approach of this transition, stating, “The transition is about putting patients first and ensuring everyone has access to the care they need.” He expressed confidence that these efforts would enhance operational efficiency while providing a superior experience for patients, physicians, and staff members.

Outlined as part of this comprehensive transition plan are several key measures:

– Retaining all current Stringfellow staff members and facilitating their seamless integration into roles within the RMC Health System.
– Implementing hospital-wide improvements across both campuses to foster cross-caregiver collaboration and reintroduce a patient advocacy program.
– Transforming the Stringfellow emergency department into a dedicated urgent care center, optimizing care delivery for medical conditions requiring immediate attention.
– Transitioning existing surgical and gastroenterology services at the Stringfellow campus to outpatient-only services to better manage the increasing volume of outpatient procedures.
– Enhancing the patient experience at RMC’s existing emergency department through improved provider scheduling, optimized triage processes, and enhanced data tracking for targeted improvements.
– Centralizing inpatient services by transferring them from Stringfellow to RMC’s main campus to ensure improved, dedicated, and centralized care.

The integration of these facilities aims to bolster patient care while upholding the legacy of the Stringfellow name and property as a cornerstone of healthcare in the region. Throughout the transition, Stringfellow will continue providing care through its emergency and surgical departments until completion.

Patients are advised to keep their appointments, with any scheduling changes to be communicated directly. Additionally, RMC reaffirmed its commitment to the continued employment of all Stringfellow employees, offering opportunities for career advancement within the organization.

This collaborative approach is anticipated to fortify care teams and enhance talent retention across RMC Health System, ensuring the delivery of state-of-the-art healthcare services with integrity, skill, and compassion.

RMC Health System pledges to provide further updates on this transformative journey aimed at enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality for the entire northeast Alabama community in the coming weeks.

**About The Health Care Authority of the City of Anniston:**
The Health Care Authority of the City of Anniston (RMC) serves as the premier regional healthcare provider for a five-county service area in northeast Alabama. With a commitment to excellence, RMC offers a comprehensive range of medical specialties through its Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center campus, Stringfellow Campus, and various outpatient facilities, urgent care centers, and specialty clinics. Supported by a dedicated team of professionals, RMC continues to uphold its mission of providing cutting-edge healthcare services with compassion and integrity. For more information, visit www.rmccares.org.


RMC Health System to Integrate Anniston’s Stringfellow Campus for Enhanced Patient Care

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