July 17, 2024
Paid afternoon surgeries introduced in health system

Paid afternoon surgeries introduced in health system


Aiming to speed up services to patients on waiting lists for regular surgeries, the Health Ministry is planning to introduce paid afternoon operations at the National Health Service (ESY).

The move is expected to increase afternoon surgeries by at least 20%, while also making the position of surgeon and anesthesiologist in the ESY more attractive. 

The fees patients will pay will vary depending on the severity of the surgery, from 300 euros to a maximum of 2,000 euros, and according to the Health Ministry, the cost will be less than half that for the same operations in the private health sector. The fee will be distributed among the members of the surgical team. 

Moreover, through funding from the Recovery and Resilience Fund, approximately 50,000 cases with long waiting times for surgery are expected to be free of charge in the afternoon. 

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