June 12, 2024
Health+Tech Podcast Series | McGuireWoods
Health+Tech Podcast Series | McGuireWoodsHealth+Tech Podcast Series | McGuireWoods

McGuireWoods’ Health+Tech podcast explores issues and trends at the intersection of healthcare, technology and innovation The podcast is presented by the firm’s Digital Health, Technology and Innovation Group, which helps clients navigate transactional, regulatory and compliance challenges in areas such as telehealth, data privacy and security, and health information technology.

The podcast features healthcare innovators and keeps listeners up to date on the laws that apply to businesses at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Videos are posted on YouTube and social media channels. Podcasts also are available on iTunes and Spotify.

The Future of AI in Cardiology

December 11, 2023 – Roman Sandler, cofounder and CTO of iCardio.ai, joins hosts Holly Buckley and Kristen McDermott Woodrum on this episode of Health+Tech. Tune in to learn how the power of data in machine learning can be harnessed to improve an overburdened healthcare system, how he’s using artificial intelligence to bring echo outside of its traditional use environment, and the reimbursement challenges associated with these new healthcare solutions.

Why Cybersecurity Is Essential for Healthcare Institutions

November 28, 2023 – On this episode of Health+Tech, hosts Holly Buckley and Kristen McDermott Woodrum and Clearwater Healthcare Cybersecurity and Compliance Strategist/Chief Risk Officer Jon Moore discuss technical security advancements inside the healthcare sphere. Jon offers insights into cybersecurity, ransomware and vendor risk management.

This episode also addresses the challenges of risk analysis with HIPAA compliance and how organizations can make the best decisions to manage risk.

The Future of Precision Medicine With Dr. Amrie Grammer

November 13, 2023 – Dr. Amrie Grammer, co-founder, president and chief scientific officer of AMPEL BioSolutions, joins hosts Holly Buckley and Kristen McDermott Woodrum on this episode of Health+Tech. They discuss AMPEL’s mission to bring personalized precision medicine to patients and the technology behind that medicine. 

Grammer explains how AMPEL built and leveraged its genomic platform to create personalized precision medicine for patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Also on this episode of Health+Tech, Grammer announces the development of AMPEL’s mobile app, facilitating optimal communication between patients and providers.

Leveraging AI to Drive Growth

September 5, 2023 – On this episode of Health+Tech, host Kristen McDermott Woodrum is joined by Charlie Winn, co-founder, vice president of sales and chief revenue officer for Liine, an artificial intelligence-powered call recording platform for healthcare practices. Their discussion covers the technology behind Liine, its use of AI, insights from Liine’s analytics and the near-term impact of AI on healthcare. 

Improving Cancer Care With Digital Health Tools

August 23, 2023 – Jessica Thurmond and Monica Schmiede, co-CEOs and co-founders of Athelo Health — the first biometric-anchored virtual coach for women with breast and gynecologic cancers — join McGuireWoods partner Kristen McDermott Woodrum on this episode of Health+Tech. They discuss Athelo Health’s mission, how Athelo Health uses biometric data to support patients, and the role of digital health tools in educating patients, improving access to care and building supportive communities for patients.

How Digital Health Tools Help Create Greater Consumer Focus in Healthcare

August 8, 2023 – Bradd Busick, senior vice president and chief information officer for MultiCare, joins hosts Holly Buckley and Kristen McDermott Woodrum on this episode of Health+Tech to provide insights into MultiCare’s recent successes in the IT space.

Bradd shares best practices MultiCare used to successfully launch new IT tools, and the importance of a strong workplace culture in the successful results he and his team have seen. Learn how AI and other digital health tools can help health systems meet consumers where they are, and hear what Bradd’s most excited to see in the healthcare innovation space in the next five years.

The Role of Health Systems in Fostering Healthcare Innovation

July 14, 2023  – On this episode of Health+Tech, hosts Holly Buckley and Kristen McDermott Woodrum are joined by Cyril Philip, Vice President of Digital Ventures at Bon Secours Mercy Health, for a discussion of health system investment funds and the role of health systems in driving innovation.

Cyril offers insights into the opportunities and challenges for health systems investing in innovation, the early successes Bon Secours is seeing in its investment strategy and trends in health system investments in innovation. He also shares what he expects to see across the industry in the next five years.

The Potential for Digital Health to Improve Women’s Health Outcomes

May 19, 2023  – On this episode of Health+Tech, McGuireWoods partners Holly Buckley and Kristen McDermott Woodrum are joined by Nyoo Health founder and CEO Priya Bathija. Tune in to this discussion of the potential for digital health to reduce disparities in women’s health outcomes as well as barriers to the successful implementation of digital health tools.

Keynote Devin Carty, 19th Annual Healthcare Private Equity and Finance Conference, Digital Health Dinner 

March 6, 2023  – In this episode of Health+Tech, hosts Kristen McDermott Woodrum and Andrea Linna were joined by Devin Carty, Chief Executive Officer of Martin Ventures, at the Digital Health Dinner and Keynote the night before the 19th annual Healthcare Private Equity and Finance Conference. Their discussion covered the latest trends and developments in digital health.

Virtual Primary Care

Dec. 14, 2022 – On this episode of Health+Tech, Teira Gunlock, President of First Stop Health, joins McGuireWoods partners Andrea Linna and Kristen McDermott Woodrum for a discussion on the ability of telehealth to fill gaps in patient needs. They also discuss:

  • The potential for telehealth to reverse the growing trend of Americans not seeking primary care
  • The ability of virtual care to build greater trust between patients and providers
  • The future of virtual care

Growing and Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Nov. 11, 2022  – On this episode of Health+Tech, recorded live at McGuireWoods’ Digital Health Dinner hosted the night before the 15th Annual Healthcare Finance and Growth Conference, keynote speaker Amber Fencl, Novant Health’s senior vice president for digital health and engagement, was interviewed by Andrea Linna and Kristen McDermott Woodrum about the latest trends and topics in digital health. They discussed:

  • The importance of engaging both patients and providers with technology
  • Key considerations for digital health investments and partnerships
  • Innovative technologies and the future of digital health

Exploring the Possibilities of Telehealth

Oct. 17, 2022 – Jennifer Bepple, Clinical Advisor to Verana Health and Telehealth Fellow with Doximity, teams up with McGuireWoods partner Andrea Linna on this episode of Health+Tech for a discussion on the role of telehealth in improving patient outcomes. They also discuss:

  • How best to employ health data to help patients and providers
  • Patient views on data collection and data sharing
  • The future of digital health

The Role of Digital Health in Driving Value-Based Women’s Healthcare

July 25, 2022  – On this episode of Health+Tech, McGuireWoods partners Andrea Lee Linna and Kristen McDermott Woodrum are joined by Sara Teppema, chief actuary for Wildflower Health, a women’s health engagement platform designed to help women overcome barriers to care, support clinicians, and improve outcomes for all stakeholders. Discussion will cover using digital health to advance equity in healthcare, value-based maternity care, and using aggregated healthcare data for quality improvement.

Digital Health Trends and Issues for Life Sciences Companies

Nov. 1, 2021 – McGuireWoods healthcare attorneys Kate Hardey, Kae Gruner and Royce DuBiner discuss the latest digital health updates from the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission. Join the conversation as we wrap up Cybersecurity Awareness Month and discuss the following topics:

  • FDA draft guidance on electronic health records and medical claims data
  • FDA new resource for approved artificial intelligence/machine learning medical devices
  • FDA Digital Health Center of Excellence
  • FTC rules for health apps outside of HIPAA

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