July 23, 2024
Acute Urticaria: Signs, Causes, and Remedy

Urticaria is the medical time period for the pores and skin situation generally often called hives: crimson, itchy bumps or welts on the pores and skin. Acute (short-term) urticaria is recognized when the hives are current for lower than six weeks.

Study acute urticaria, its signs, causes, therapy choices, and extra.

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The signs of acute urticaria, or short-term hives, can vary from delicate to extreme. Probably the most noticeable symptom is the presence of itchy bumps or welts on the pores and skin. Different signs might develop with hives, reminiscent of swelling and issue respiration, and should signify a extra critical well being concern, reminiscent of an allergic response.

Acute urticaria signs embody:

Potential Issues

Acute urticaria is normally a situation with out extreme problems. Nevertheless, it may be an indication of one thing extra critical. For instance, hives might seem with a extreme allergic response known as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic response that impacts a number of physique techniques and entails issue respiration and shutting airways.

Moreover, acute urticaria might flip into persistent urticaria if it lasts six weeks or longer.

Indicators of Severe Issues

Name 911 or search medical care instantly in the event you or somebody you recognize experiences indicators of extreme problems linked to hives, together with hassle respiration, dizziness, swelling, or tingling.


Hives could be attributable to a lot of irritants, allergens, bites, or stings. In some instances, the reason for hives is unknown (persistent idiopathic urticaria). No matter what causes hives, there are methods to alleviate the signs.

Causes of Acute Urticaria

  • Animals (dander or saliva)
  • Blood transfusions
  • Environmental reactions (crops or pollution)
  • Meals allergic reactions (e.g., peanuts, eggs, shellfish)
  • An infection (bacterial, viral)
  • Supplies (latex, cleaning soap)
  • Drugs (antibiotics)
  • Temperature (excessive warmth or change in temperature)


Acute urticaria could be recognized by a healthcare skilled reminiscent of a main care practitioner or a dermatologist. There is no such thing as a take a look at to find out that the bumps on the pores and skin are hives, however your healthcare supplier can study the pores and skin and ask questions on how they really feel. For instance, they might ask if the bumps itch, if they’re painful, and the way lengthy you’ve got had them. Moreover, they might ask questions to find out what prompted the pores and skin situation.


Acute urticaria could be handled by:

  • Making an attempt to find out potential causes of the hives: You are able to do this by testing for allergic reactions along with your healthcare supplier or making an attempt an elimination weight-reduction plan to establish meals allergic reactions.
  • Avoiding allergens: Steer clear of any recognized allergens to stop additional irritation.
  • Taking drugs: Communicate to your healthcare supplier about taking antihistamines or corticosteroids to enhance your signs.
  • Making use of ice or chilly compresses
  • Sporting unfastened clothes

When to See a Healthcare Supplier

Hives usually go away on their very own with none medical therapy. Nevertheless, they will co-occur with anaphylaxis, a extreme allergic response that may be life threatening. For that reason, it is very important search therapy from a healthcare supplier if hives seem with swelling or issue respiration or if an allergic response is suspected.

Indicators of Extreme Allergic Response

  • Being uncovered to a recognized allergen
  • Swelling
  • Issue respiration
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Wheezing


Figuring out and avoiding no matter causes the hives can assist forestall them. You can too get allergy testing carried out to establish allergens and triggers probably to have an effect on you and trigger hives.

Some triggers of hives could also be harder to keep away from, reminiscent of air pollution or pollen publicity within the spring when crops bloom.


Acute urticaria is the time period for hives, a pores and skin situation involving crimson, itchy bumps or welts lasting lower than six weeks. Signs may embody swelling or ache and should seem in case you have a extreme allergic response, or anaphylaxis.

It is very important search instant medical care in case you have issue respiration, swelling, numbness or tingling, wheezing, or publicity to a recognized allergen. Hives could be handled by avoiding triggers; making use of ice; sporting unfastened, comfy clothes; and taking treatment.

A Phrase From Verywell

Acute urticaria could be uncomfortable and scary if hives seem alongside a extreme allergic response. Should you or somebody you recognize experiences hives, issue respiration, swelling, numbness or tingling, wheezing, or publicity to a recognized allergen, it’s important to hunt medical care instantly. Hives and allergic reactions related to hives could be handled, and signs are sometimes non permanent.

Regularly Requested Questions

  • What’s one of the simplest ways to deal with acute urticaria?

    Acute urticaria could be handled at house or with drugs to handle the signs and assist with reduction. The perfect therapy choices rely upon the particular person and the severity of the hives. Choices embody ice packs or cool washcloths on the pores and skin, over-the-counter (OTC) anti-itch cream, and prescription antihistamine drugs.

  • How have you learnt in case you have acute hives?

    A healthcare skilled reminiscent of a main care practitioner or dermatologist can diagnose acute hives. Indicators of hives are crimson, itchy bumps on the pores and skin that go away inside six weeks.

  • Is acute urticaria a extreme situation?

    Acute urticaria is mostly not extreme, however it may be very uncomfortable. It could additionally signify a extreme and even life-threatening allergic response. If an allergic response is suspected, or if there’s issue respiration, it’s important to hunt medical care instantly.

  • Is acute urticaria contagious?

    No. Acute urticaria isn’t contagious and can’t be handed from one particular person to a different.

  • How lengthy does it take for acute hives to go away?

    The period of time that hives final will depend on the particular person and the reason for the hives. Acute hives go away inside six weeks, whereas hives lasting six weeks or longer are recognized as persistent hives.

Acute Urticaria: Signs, Causes, and Remedy

By Ashley Olivine, Ph.D., MPH

Dr. Ashley Olivine is a well being psychologist and public well being skilled with over a decade of expertise serving purchasers within the scientific setting and personal apply. She has additionally researched all kinds psychology and public well being subjects such because the administration of well being danger components, persistent sickness, maternal and little one wellbeing, and little one improvement.